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Oz-Drive Luxury Car Wash – 5 litre



Oz-Drive Luxury Car Wash 🇦🇺

🇦🇺 Superior Protecting Formula 🇦🇺

Oz-Drive Luxury Car Wash is a genuine professional cleaner made for and used by car detailers, entusiasts and specialists for all vehicle types including Boats,Trucks, jet Skies and more ….
Oz-Drive Luxury Car Wash is the people choice due to the paint and removes all types of dirt whilst finishing with a high shine and protective coating

⭐ Super Concentrate

⭐ Paint Protection

⭐ pH Body Safe

⭐ Septic Safe

⭐ Biodegradable

⭐ Phosphate Free

⭐ Rust Inhibitors

⭐ Superior Shine

🇦🇺 Oz-Drive Luxury Car Wash Promises to leave your Car with a Brilliant showroom finish with a pH that protects body paint and rivets Every wash will improve the shine of your vehicle. Bugs and road grime will become even easier to remove with Oz-Drive Luxury Car Wash 🇦🇺

5L Of Oz-Drive Drive Luxury Car Wash Makes Amazing 500 L of Oz-Drive Drive Luxury Car Wash Amazing
100 ML makes 10 L so Good